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7. Work anywhere Nowadays mobile computers are used almost everywhere, and with the popularity of cloud computing their mobility has been greatly enhanced. Using a remote desktop solution, the user can connect from anywhere in the world, including from a mobile device, and carry on work at any time. Using the mobile device to access the remote desktop software is a great alternative to physically be at the computer in case the user is travelling or working remotely, or if the computer he is working on is not sufficiently powerful. It also allows users to take advantage of cloud services without installing any software locally. In addition to high security and remote access, a secure remote desktop solution also enables users to work on sensitive data in remote locations. For example, by using high-security public cloud solutions, the data can be protected in transit. Current solutions for mobile remote desktops Some remote desktop solutions have been available for mobile devices for a long time: Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), VNC, and Citrix X11 App-V. The problem with these solutions is that the quality of the connection is generally slow (in particular RDC and VNC) and not all supported platforms (Android). Today, there are a number of remote desktop solutions for mobile devices: LogMeIn, Splashtop, Turbostaar and Aimeos Mobile Remote Desktop. All of them are free and are presented as a fast and secure alternative to access the computer. 8. Distributed Work Today, workers need to work from multiple locations. Businesses are growing and the need for distributed workers is increasing. The next generation of workers will need to have the ability to access their files and data from any place and at any time. This will require a new generation of remote desktop solutions. Current solutions for distributed work The remote desktop solution by Citrix allows users to use their mobile devices to access their computer remotely from any location, as long as the network connection is available. Using the Citrix app-V, the files can be stored in a secure central location on the local computer or on a cloud storage service. Both solutions are for remote access. 9. Collaboration Today, remote collaboration has become an integral part of remote working. This includes employees working from home, mobile workforces and employees working from different locations. The remote desktop solutions have to enable this, as well as make it secure. Current solutions for collaboration WebEx, Skype







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AnyDesk 5.3.3 Crack markdor

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