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ProcFormatica provides the following features: - Mapping of ICD-10-PCS codes to ICD-9 procedure codes for reporting - Definitions of abbreviations in ICD-10-PCS codes - Explanation of all characters of the codes in ICD-10-PCS - Complete explanation of ICD-10-PCS code for the user - Help button for ICD-10-PCS and help page in English, Spanish, French - Full Support for Use in the Quality Score Module - New access to quality and risk management during the coding phase - Receive a professional status to your users - Load the record by "First Letter" or "Complete ICD-10-PCS Codes" The new procedure coding system is the result of the completion of Health Level Seven (HL7) v2.02 and a beta version, updated in March 2010. ICD-10-PCS can be used by a number of disciplines including physicians, pharmacists, pathologists, laboratory personnel and quality managers. The new procedure coding system is more user-friendly than ICD-9-CM and can help improve reports, understanding and patient care. The procedure coding system includes additional features that simplify the reporting process and assist in the management of patients. The ICD-10-PCS is a complete system that allows for easy reporting and more precise diagnoses and procedures. ProcFormatica is available through server and client. Client includes the basic procedure coding function and server is totally developed and managed by the companies. Both solutions have been available in PHP, Javascript and ASP.NET. ProcFormatica offers a free trial. Free Trial CRM for medical professionals Key Features ProcFormatica benefits users who do business with health care providers and is an all-in-one solution. ProcFormatica includes the following modules for physicians, clinics and other medical clinics: - Client - Server - Reports - Clinical modules The Inpatient PCS Module is a comprehensive solution for medical providers. The module is built upon the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards. ProcFormatica provides the modules needed to translate ICD-10-PCS codes into ICD- a5204a7ec7

ProcFormatica is a web-based application that allows healthcare practitioners and other interested parties to obtain detailed information about procedures, including procedure codes, mapping to ICD-9-CM, and a complete explanation for each character in the ICD-10-PCS code. Webservices Description: ProcFormatica has many webservices that can be used to process data and automate tasks that are not available in the ProcFormatica. There are many other webservices and web requests you can perform using the ProcFormatica. If you have any queries about ProcFormatica. We would be happy to assist you with this... ... & ICD-10-PCS ICD10Coding Guide INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASES Tenth Revision Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS) Author K. Naseer This book was aimed at providing clear, understandable, and easy to understand information on the ICD-10-PCS in the context of the medical field. The book started with an introduction of the structure of ICD-10-PCS, and what the different parts meant. This chapter also included a brief history of ICD-10, and why it was necessary to be redesigned. In the sections following this chapter, detailed information about each category in ICD-10-PCS was provided, including each category’s structure, meaning, and the relevant codes. The inclusion of detailed information on procedure coding is particularly useful for those who are planning on using ICD-10-PCS to code their procedure data. CHAPTER – 5 REVISION OF THE ICD-10 CODING SYSTEM AND PROCEDURE CODING International Classification of Diseases Tenth Revision, Vers... ... Brief Introduction Sustainable management of fisheries resources requires that managers are equipped with a range of tools to be able to monitor, classify and analyze fisheries data. Sustainability is not only limited to the use of the data, but must also encompass a comprehensive approach based on an understanding of the many biological, social, economic, and political factors that determine the state of the resource. Sustainable management of fisheries can be defined as the management of all the functions involved in the production, control and use of fishery resources so as to meet the legitimate and legitimate economic, social and environmental needs of society. It also requires that the data from the various sources

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