Alex-Tronix Since 1977

Corporate Mission


Design and manufacture irrigation controllers that:

  • Help conserve water and energy

  • Increase agricultural crop yields

  • Help to preserve and beautify the environment

Company Background
Thirty three years ago, Alex-Tronix Irrigation Controls was founded with a mission to save energy and water. Today, Alex-Tronix is an innovator in landscape irrigation automation, and provides over 60% of all agricultural filter backwash timers sold in the United States through OEM accounts and dealers.


Our Smart Technology
Must ET be the industry standard for smart irrigation control?  Let’s simplify the equation.  People need a low-cost, intuitive smart controller that programs easily and doesn’t have the ET learning curve.  We believe that Temperature Budgeting is their answer because it is as efficient as ET—but easier to use.  Programming a smart controller should be “Set it, don’t Sweat it. ®”